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Changing start time auctions
Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:33 am FR
Easy: what code to use to update sql table?
Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:39 am guyb
Unlimited products(downloads)
Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:09 pm hoimyr
Seller chooses currency
Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:00 pm hoimyr
Cant select end date without getting error
Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:43 pm hoimyr

Author: FR
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Posts: 18401
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Welcome to

phpbb-Auction is a free auction-system which can be used as an add-on for the phpBB-community-software. phpbb-Auction has been programmed style and lanaguage independet to run on every phpbb-Board and with any language.
This website is the center of the phpbb-Auction project. Here you will find
  • Current Features
  • Download-packages
  • Support
  • Information
  • Request Forms

Hope you'll have fun around here and with the auction-system.

08.05.2004   Posted by: FR

  Just another hack

@admin: The last hack wasn't done by me.. You did these things 5 years ago? Well, if it's true you're the worst hacker i've ever seen before.. :D

Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:48 pm  Posted by: FR

  Fight against Spam

Within the last weeks some spammers have focuses to mess up our forums. We started again to do some clean up work. We are trying to ban all IPs from which spam is submitted, so please inform us about stupid personal messages and entries in the forum.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:10 am  Posted by: FR

  Sections Rebuild
Dear auctioneers,

We have rebuild the download and documentation area.
In case of any found bugs please report in the forums.


Fri Jul 14, 2006 9:04 am  Posted by: FR

  Get started again
After almost 2 month www.phpbb-auction is back online. Thanks to a hacker (he can be reached under we have lost the database of this website and 8 month of work.

To get started we will have to set up a different development and support structure of the phpbb-auction.
Please contact me via the forum if you want to take over an active role with phpbb-auction. We need 3 people for each group:
- Documentation
- Community
- Security
- Translator

I hope to get started in a better future.

Wed Jun 28, 2006 4:00 pm  Posted by: FR

  New link structure

There has been a change to the linking-structure within Not all links have been changed so far. We excuse if you encounter any problems of using the forum or other areas.
More information about the new link-structure on

Fri Oct 07, 2005 4:50 pm  Posted by: FR

  Hacker Attack
And again some people thought of hacking this website. I am sorry for the outage. It took me 2 minutes to bring it up again.
If one of the guys is reading this post: I had your skills 5 years ago. Please develop. 

Fri Oct 07, 2005 3:25 pm  Posted by: FR

  phpbb-auction 1.3.16s released

Due to the heavy requests on many websites, I have prepared an update for the s-Version. The new version includes all exising patches. More information can be found in the download or s-project forum area.

Mon Sep 26, 2005 1:27 pm  Posted by: FR

  php-styles online again

After a server-move the website was offline for a couple of days. Therefore many downloads did not work, as they are provided via
The site is up and running again.

Thu Jun 30, 2005 4:38 pm  Posted by: FR

  phpbb-auction 1.3s released

The first version of the S-project is released. More information about the s-project can be found in the respective forum.
I would like to underline that this version is brand new. The following version may not include an update-script.
Big thank you for the support of everybody contributing to this version.

Mon Jun 13, 2005 8:04 pm  Posted by: FR

  German Lang and French FAQ+Terms

Thanks to some member of the community some german language-files as well as the french faqs/terms can be downloaded from the download-area.
Big thank you for the contribution

Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:34 pm  Posted by: FR

The S-Project

The S-Project develops a standalone auction-system based on the phpbb-core and phpbb-auction.
It is optimized for beeing a standalone-auction-system. The project is well advanced.

A first version has been released in June 2005.

The advantage of the S-Version is that it has a good layer-archtecture - that means it runs of many databases, many styles and languages can be used and adjustes easily.
More information will be found on this website.

12.06.2005   Posted by: FR

New: Download the new phpBB-auction S

S-Project News
Expected Release June 2005 
First Version released 
phpbb-auction 1.3.16s released 
Introduction S-Project 
Quote-Image missing 

The N-Project

phpbb-auction && nuke - the project to make it possible

01.07.2005   Posted by: FR

N-Project News
N project on hold 
N-Project initiated - Developed by
Sponsored by: - - - -